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Why Do You Need to Change Your Name ?

Here are 4 Ways to Change Your Name – For Adults. Allied Legal PC / Law Office of Gopal Krishan has experience in Name Changes in the California Bay Area.

Why Do You Need to Change Your Name ?

Your name is your identity. You are known by your name and you want your name to represent you correctly. You can have whatever name you want, that includes you last name as well. You can change your name completely or just in part, it is up to you.

People change their name for many reasons, sometimes Because of legal reasons, but most of the time it is purely personal. 

Personal Reasons to Change Your Name :

1. Astrology / Numerology : Many famous Indian and international celebrities have changed their names for good luck.  You can change your name for good luck too.

2. Long Name : Few folks have a very long name which makes very hard for them to fill the official forms and documents where there is a character limit. You can change your name to get the shorter version of your name.

3. Offensive Name : Your name may be very good and famous in your country but few names or the way the people pronounce your name may offend others in USA.

4. Localization : Your name is the first thing you give out about yourself. Sometimes, it is way convenient to have a local name so that other can pronounce your name easily. It  will also project the image that you are local which is very helpful in sales and job interviews.

5. Change of Religion : Most of the time when the people change their religion they also change their names to reflect the new religion.

Legal Reasons to Change Your Name :

Wrong Name : In our practice we have seen that the people have the ‘FNU’ or ‘LNU’ added in Their name because of US Immigration rules. FNU – First name unknown, LNU – Last name unknown is not the part of the anybody, but to have that removed, you need to change your name  and get that in proper format.

 4 Ways to Change Your Name – For Adults

#1 .  Court Order : You can Change your name by getting the court order. Here is the summary of steps.

File a name change petition (NC-100)

Publish the Order to Show Cause for Change of Name (If Required)

Go to your court hearing (If Required)

Get the order – Done.

#2 .  By Marriage  : You can Change your “Last Name only” by the marriage.

Get Married  and get the marriage certificate

You can use your spouse’s last name as your last name.

#3 .  By Divorce  : You can Change your “Last Name only”  by the divorce.

Ask the court for the name change when you submit your proposed Judgment ( FL-180)

#4 .  By Naturalization  : You can Change your “Last Name only”  by the divorce.

Ask  for the name change when you submit your Naturalization Form ( N-400)

This is not a legal advise 

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