DACA on Feb. 18

Check-List for Application for Adjustment of Status

Updated (11/13/2018)

Check-List for Application for Adjustment of Status (I-485)

Here is the ‘generic‘ list of documents you need to submit with Adjustment of status ( I-485). The USCIS may revise the required list of docs in view of new changes. You may need additional documents based on your individual circumstances.

List of Documents for the Beneficiary of I-485 Petition. 

  1. Form G-1145
  2. Medical Examination ( I-693)
  3. Birth Certificate
  4. Marriage Certificate
  5. English Translation of All non English Documents
  6. Copy of Passport
  7. I-94 and Travel History
  8. Four Passport Size Color Photos

In addition of these documents you may have to submit the docs about the any criminal history, divorces or any other document on the basis of your case facts. Check with your attorney if you need any help or have any question.

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