Checklist - H1B visa Petition ( Generic List of Documents)

Checklist – H1B visa Petition ( Employee) :

1. All employees should include:

  • Copy of your highest degree diploma (with translation if not in English)
  • Copy of your transcript of degree course work and letter of completion (if diploma not yet awarded)
  • Copy of your degree evaluation (if degree is from an institution outside of the United States)
  • Copy of your CV/ résumé
  • True Copies Statement
  • Copy of identity page(s) (photo and bio page) and expiration date page of your passport

2. If you are currently in the United States, please also include:

  • Copies of any immigration documents pertaining to your current status
  • Copy of most recent visa
  • Copy of most recent I-94 (arrival/departure record)
  • Copy of Employment Authorization Document (EAD), if applicable
  • Copy of 3 most recent earning statements/salary records (if current status is H-1B)
  • If you have dependents (spouse and children) who require H-4 dependent status: USCIS Form I-539 “Change of Status Application,” completed by your dependent(s) Download from USCIS:
  • Copy of identity page(s) (photo and bio page) and expiration date page of spouse’s and children’s passports
  • Copy of spouse’s and children’s most recent visas
  • Copy of spouse’s and children’s most recent I-94 cards (arrival/departure records) and any other immigration documents
  • Copy of your marriage certificate (for dependent spouse) and/or copy of birth certificate(for each dependent child) (with an English translation if original is not in English)

Checklist – H1B visa Petition ( Employer) :

  • Job title of the position
  • Detailed job description
  • Salary offered
  • The company’s minimum requirements for the job (i.e. degree or work experience required)
  • Name and job title of person who will sign the forms on behalf of the company
  • Name and address of company.
  • Informational brochures/promotional literature about the company. If the company is new / just starting up – provide as such financial information about the company as you can such as – bank statements, most recent income tax return, articles of incorporation, business plan, financial statements or any documentation that will prove that the company is lucrative and can pay the salary of the foreign worker you want to hire.
  • Employer Federal Tax I.D. Number – the year company was established, approximate number of employees and approximate gross and net annual income
  • Telephone number and fax number for company
  • Client site letter on the client site’s letterhead.
  • Completed US Immigration Bureaus visa filing forms and fees.
  • IRS Letter of Company
  • Appointment letter by your Employer
  • Tax Returns Papers of the company (if your employer sends them)
  • Copy of letter to the Department of Justice
  • Copy of letter to the Consular General of the Indian consulate
  • Copy of the official evaluation of your degrees (if your employer sends it)

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