The federal EB-5 immigrant investor program allows the wealthy foreign investor to achieve expedited permanent residence status in the U.S.

EB-5 is also a successful source of business for professionals such as: immigration, SEC and Real Estate/Land Use attorneys, developers, investors, real estate brokers, economists, business consultants and more. And, importantly, EB-5 also provides a new source of investment income for those seeking business and development capital.

EB-5 allows foreign investors to obtain U.S. visas by investing $500,000 – $1 million in a commercial enterprise in the US that creates jobs and meets other requirements.

We can assist and represent you under both the direct investment or the Regional Center Programs. We will assist you with the formation of corporate entity as well. In addition of this we will also help with negotiating and drafting marketing contracts, equity agreements, management agreements, regional center leasing and sponsorship agreements, term sheets, letter of intent, guarantees, security agreements, side letters, leases and other documents that may be related to EB-5 offerings.

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