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    Initial Consultation

    You can use our ‘Initial Evaluation’ if you have any “basic question” about your case such as ‘chances of success of your case’, ‘type of visa petition’, and ‘cost and time involved’, etc.

    Use the promo codes to get the Free consultation. We distribute the promo codes time to time in different advertisement campaigns. If you don’t have the Promo-Code then Free Consultation is limited to “EMAILS” only.

    Initial Evaluation

    We will evaluate your case for free. This is the basic evaluation and it is limited to the general assessment of your case. At this stage the in-depth analysis is not possible. If your case demands in-depth legal analysis or specific legal opinion, we recommend that you use our ‘paid consultation services’.

    What we will do

    • We will give you an objective assessment of the chances of success of your case.
    • We will give you the overview of available options tailored to your specific situation with the relative advantages, disadvantages or potential risks associated with each option.
    • We will provide the estimated cost of your case for each option available to you.
    • We may recommend you to use our ‘Paid Consultation Service’ if we believe it is our interest.

    The use of this service does not create any Attorney-Client relationship. Please do not share any confidential information at this stage. This service will provide you only an initial assessment of possible outcome of your case and the available options in your case. The outcome of free consultation does NOT amount to legal advise or legal opinion. if you have more questions or want in depth analysis of your case, please use our paid consultation.