If you need in-depth analysis and assessment of your case you should use our fee based consultation.  Please also note that the full amount of your consultation cost will be fully credited toward your attorney fee if you choose to retain us to handle your case within 30 days of the consultation.

Benefits :

  • You can avoid the waste of time, money, energy and other opportunity costs resulting from a misfiled or rejected case.
  • You will get a detailed analysis of your situation with the available legal options.
  • You will get a professional legal opinion from our attorneys.
  • Your consultation fee will be credited to your attorney’s fee if you retain us within 30 days after the consultation.

Paid Consultation Plans :

We have three types of plans to provide paid consultancy. The plans are based on the complexity of matter and the time and efforts we have to put in to consult you. Every plan constitutes a attorney–client relationship and the communication would be covered by the attorney-client privilege.

General / Initial Consultation

If you have questions those are basic and straightforward, and do not involve complicated factual or legal issues, chose this plan. We will answer your questions, help you understand the applicable immigration rules, and advise you on your legal options. This service plan is available either via phone or in person. The General Consultation Plan rate is $99 for up to 20 minutes. You can use the same General / Initial Consultation by phone as the ‘Phone Consultation‘ for $50 for up to 20 minutes.

Case Based Plan

If your case has some major issues to resolve, but that does NOT require an extensive research, you should choose this plan. We charge $299.00 per hour for this consultation. This Consultancy Service Plan is available either via phone or in person.

Issue Based Plan

If your questions involve some major legal or factual issue(s) that require extensive research and review of present legal authorities, then this is the right plan for you. We charge $450.00 per major issue. This Consultancy Service Plan is available by e-mail, phone call and meetings or up to two hours work on consulting.

The above mentioned fees are for general information and are provided as a convenience for reference. The final fees on your particular cases would be determined after preliminary review of your specific situation.

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