Privacy Policy

Sharing of Information Received:

We do not sell or share your information to third parties. Your email address, name, phone number and any other information you submit are held in strict confidence.

Sharing of Information Received as Testimonial:

We may share or publish the content of submitted testimonial with your Name, Country and the type of service(s) you received. We do not publish your contact details such as email ID, address, phone number etc. on our website. However, we may share your email ID to our other potential clients to confirm the authenticity of testimonials.


Only the team working in a project is aware of the identity of the client or the nature of the work undertaken. Until specific authorization is obtained from the client in writing, the client identity is never revealed to any one.

Before we take up a project, the partner of the firm digitally signs and undertakes that the information disclosed by Disclosing Party would be considered confidential by the receiving party. Such information includes but not limited to all such information relating to disclosing party’s past, present or future businesses, products, patents (granted and pending) activities, ideas, inventions, research, designs or development, personal and business opportunities. It also includes information which is marked as “Confidential and /or Proprietary” or which would logically be considered confidential and/or the proprietary in view of the disclosing party.

Refund Policy

Flat Fee :

Subject to the fee agreement and the American Bar Association’s (ABA) Model Rules of Professional Conduct 1.5, there will be no refund after the completion of service. However, if the services are terminated before the completion of service, any unearned legal fees will be refunded.

Hourly Fee :

Subject to the fee agreement we offer a refund of fees paid for attorney services, minus the work we performed prior to the date of the request for the refund. The service provided by the attorney is a multi stage process.  The time invested by the attorney is specific to each individual client and varies from client to client during each stage of the process.  The client will be informed at the time of discharge, how much time was invested by the attorney and the amount of refund, if any, that will be returned to the client.

Time to refund :

It takes about 3-4 weeks to finalize the accounts and to issue the refund thereafter.

Phone Consultation ( $50 ) for upto 20 minutes.

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Initial Consultation ( $99 ) for upto 20 minutes.

√ – I accept the Terms and Conditions