Estate Planning Check-up for Amendment

Estate Planning Check-up for Amendment is required to determine whether you need to amend your Estate Planning documents  or not

  • Were your Health Care Directives executed before 2003 ?
  • Has the total value of your assets changed during the course of time ?
  • Is there any change in your Marital Status ?
  • Have you bought or sold real property  ?
  • Do you have provisions for payment of Taxes in your Trust ?
  • Have you moved between states ?

If you have answered “Yes” to any of the question above, you DO need to Amend your Estate Planning. 

How to Revise Estate Planning in California ?

The amendment of Living Trust is subjected to the terms and conditions mentioned the original trust. Most of the living trust are revocable and open for amendment.

The amendment of Living Trust is almost like making a new trust.

The first step to do the Estate Planing is the Planning the life Goals. Our Experience Attorney will help to explain the meaning and effect of various  legal jargons.

The second step is to preparation of required legal documents to implement that planning.  The most common set of document to implement the Estate Planning involves the following documents :

  1. Living Trust – Revocable
  2. Financial Power of Attorneys
  3. Durable Power of Attorneys
  4. Will / Pour Over Will
  5. Health Care Directives

The Final step is the execution of those documents. The execution of documents give the legal effect to a particular document. It involves the signature and Notarization of documents. In few cases the recording of document is also required for proper execution.

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