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What is Estate Planning ?

Estate planning is a set of many documents to plan your future involving your family, assets to addresses your future needs in case you ever become unable to care for yourself. 

Do I need Estate Planning ?

Yes you do. Check the link to know who needs the estate planning. (Check if you need the Estate Planning or Not)

I am an Indian with non Immigrant visa do I need that too ?

Yes you do, your immigration status has nothing to do with the requirements for having the Estate Planing. 

But I am planning to go to India for good, do I still need that ?

Yes you do. You are just planning, you are not in India. So if you are still in CA, you need that. 

I am Hindu and I don’t need the Estate Planning because my Estate will be divided by Hindu laws by default.

No. Hindu laws or any personal laws are NOT applicable in USA. So you need to follow the law of the land. You do need the Estate Planning. 

Can you help me with my Indian Assets as well.

Yes we can. We have the office in India as well. Moreover, Attorney Gopal Krishan is an attorney in India as well. 

I have HYATT / ARAG Legal plan. Can I use that for the Estate Planing.

Sure, you can. Write us so that we can check your coverage for that.

Whatever it is, we can help you.