Out of the Court Divorce - San Jose, Hayward Family Court

(Updated 09/09/2018)

Out of the Court Divorce –  San Jose, Hayward Family Court 

Yes, it is possible to get the divorce in California without going to the court. In fact you can get divorce even if you are outside the USA living in a different country if your spouse is in California.

At Allied Legal PC / Law Office of Gopal Krishan, many of our clients don’t want to go to court, and they don’t have to.  With our  experiences, skill, and knowledge, we can represent you achieve the settlement agreement you want without court’s involvement.

That being said, sometimes it is necessary to go to court when there is an emergency or there is a disagreement on core issues. In those situations we are always prepared to go to the court for the decisions and to protect our Client’s interests.

Who Can Get a Out of Court Divorce ?

The main requirement for you to have the out of court divorce and settlement is the ‘Willingness” and “Maturity”. We can take care of all the legal part in the process.

You need to come up with a list of possible issues and the expected goals when you approach us for the out of court settlement for divorce.

Call us at 510-600-3083, or email us today if you want to get your case settled out of the court and save money on unnecessary Attorney fee. Our ADA accessible office is located in Milpitas with free parking.

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