HYATT LEGAL PLAN  Attorney for Estate Planning

Put your Hyatt Legal Plan at work. We are network attorney for Hyatt Legal plan also known as Met Law. We accept Hyatt Legal Plan for all your Estate Planning needs. We can work with you even if your Hyatt Legal Plan is about to lapse. Contact us ASAP is your have your Hyatt Legal Plan for a limited period or you are in the process of changing your job and planning to use Hyatt Legal Plan for Estate Planning.

Use your Hyatt Legal Plan for Estate Planning

What is Hyatt Legal Plan ?

Hyatt Legal Plan Voluntary benefits legal plans provided by your employer. Check with your Employer if you have one or how to enroll for Hyatt Legal Plan. Depending on your coverage you can use Hyatt Legal Plan for your Estate Planning. 

How Do use Hyatt Legal Plan for Estate Planning ?

It’s easy – Simply access the Hyatt Legal Plan member site and get a case number by clicking on “Obtain Case Number.” Once you have the case number from Hyatt Legal Plan, fill the Hyatt Legal Consultation plan below to book your very first consultation with Attorney.

Would I get to talk to Attorney if I have Hyatt Legal Plan ?

Yes.  You can talk to attorney over the phone or if you want you can visit and meet attorney to discuss about your Estate Planning Needs.

Can I talk to Attorney in Hindi or Punjabi even if I have Hyatt Legal Plan ?

Yes. Attorney Gopal Krishan speaks Hindi and can understand Punjabi as well. You can talk to him in these languages if you more comfortable in Hindi and Punjabi language.

What if my Hyatt Legal Plan does not cover the whole Estate Planning ? 

We can still help you. We will take your Hyatt Legal Plan for the covered services and will give you the discount for non-covered services.  

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