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    I am US citizen, If I file immigration application for my siblings, what would the wait time for brother or sister to come here in USA ?
    AAs of March 2015 the wait time for F4 category i.e. brother’s and sister of adult US Citizen is about 12 years.
    Can my Brother or Sister live in USA while waiting for their visa to become available ?
    ANo. The Siblings can not live in USA during their wait time unless each individual has his/her own other valid immigration status such as H1, H4,  F1 and L1 etc.
    I am a US Citizen, do I have to file a separate petition for my sibling’s spouse and kids ? ?
    ANo. You don’t have to file separate petition for your siblings spouse and kids, in fact you can’t not file for those. The spouse and kids of siblings of US Citizen would be the derivative beneficiary of the main beneficiary. A derivative beneficiary is an alien who cannot be directly petitioned for, but who can follow to join or accompany the principal beneficiary based on a spousal or parent child relationship.
    Can I sponsor my siblings for Tourist Visa after filing the Immigration petition for them ?
    AYes. You can sponsor any body you want for a tourist visa. The sponsorship for Tourist Visa is the undertaking for the purpose of assuring the U.S. Government that the person(s) named will not become a public charge in the United States.
    Can they travel USA on tourist visa during their wait time ?
    AYes. The siblings of US Citizen can visit as a tourist during their wait time.