Team Up with the Attorney

Get an Attorney in Your Team

We believe in Team Work. If you can’t afford or just don’t want to have the attorney for the whole process, we can still help you. You can have an attorney on your side as and when needed basis. So team up with one of our Attorney and start Team Work.

Team Up with the Attorney 

Teaming up with Attorney is very easy and you can use the help of an Attorney if you need any of the the following services. You don’t have to hire the attorney for any unwanted service if you don’t need those services. That way you can save money, represent your self and have the attorney on your side just in case if you need any help.

Who Can Use This Team Work Service ?

You must be self represented individual, i.e. if you already have an attorney to represent you, you can’t use this service. This service is to provide affordable legal services to self represented individuals only.

This Team Work service is NOT to hire the attorney. Contact us if you want to hire the attorney instead. The Attorney will only perform the requested service and nothing else. Attorney won’t file any paper for you nor attend the court hearing with you. You will remain self represented.

Team Work Services

Here are the list of services for which you can use the attorney without hiring the Attorney for the whole case. Click on the services listed below to know more on how to get the service.

Please Note

No Attorney and Client relationship will be created unless you and attorney both sign the fee agreement for the Team Work.

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