Preparation of Response to Request for Further Evidence

(Limited Scope Service)

As Part of TEAM WORK services we can help you in Preparation of Response to Request for Further Evidence. You can use Preparation of Response to Request for Further Evidence service to respond your RFEs with the help of an attorney, without actually hiring an attorney.

Requests for Further Evidences (RFE) are very common. So if you just received one – Don’t Panic, it’s all right. USCIS issues Request for Initial Evidences (RIE) and Request for Further Evidences (RFE) to collect more docs without denying your case. It is an opportunity for the petitioner to submit more documents to have better chances for Approval.

Multiple Requests for Further Evidences (RFE)

Sometimes, you may get more then one Request for Further Evidences (RFE). It is common too. You may get the series of Request for Further Evidences (RFE) from different agency for different issues. For example USCIS may issue the Request for Further Evidences (RFE) on one issue and then NVC can issue another Request for Further Evidences (RFE) on another issue. Sometimes, you may get Request for Further Evidences (RFE) because of processing delay by the USCIS/NVC. 

In the Preparation of Response to Request for Further Evidence service, we will review and provide a list of documents to be submitted. We will also take your input or explanation for the missing documents. Our attorney will then prepare the complete packet to respond the Request for Further Evidences (RFE). You will be able to submit the response to USCIS after signatures. In addition of that we will also provide a cover page/index so that you can make sure that the you have added all the documents in order. 

Preparation of Response to Request for Further Evidence is the best service for you if you want to respond to Request for Further Evidences (RFE) with the professional help.

Who Can Use This Service ?

Preparation or Review of Family Based Immigration Forms service can NOT be used for Removal of Conditions of Green Card.

You must be self represented individual, i.e. if you already have an attorney to represent you, you can’t use this service. This service is to provide affordable legal services to self represented individuals only.

We won’t give you any legal advise in this service. Please write us if you are not sure what to do and need a legal advise to guide you. This service is NOT to hire the attorney. Contact us if you want to hire the attorney instead. The Attorney will only perform the requested service and nothing else. Attorney won’t file any paper for you nor attend the court hearing with you. You will remain self represented.

What do we need to get this done ?

We need the following information and documents to prepare Response to Request for Further Evidence packet.

  1. Immigration Intake Form ( We will email that to you )
  2. Documents mentioned in that Intake form

How Long it Takes ?

Generally it takes about 5-6 business days after the submission of all the document and information to fulfill the request. However, it can be done as soon as with in 24 hrs if you ask for urgent service.

How to Start the Team Work ?

It is very easy to start. Just fill the form below and submit your details. You can also email us if you need to send any document. Once you submit the request, we will contact you with the Cost Estimate.

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