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Having a Best Family Law Attorney, is very important in the contested cases. If you are struggling with your case on your own or not getting the desired outcome with your existing Family Law Attorney, we can help.

With the combined experience of more 20 years, we understand the value of relationship and dignity.

If you are struggling with Child Custody, Spousal Support or Division of Property, our Family Law Attorney, can help. With our unique proactive and aggressive Family Law Attorney, we make sure that you get what you are entitled to.

Our Family Law Attorney, can represent you anywhere in California. We have the resources to provide you with representation in court in the case of a family emergency.


One Day Divorce

About 50% of family law cases are qualified for a one day divorce.
Get Started FREE to know if you qualify.

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Family Law Mediation

Our neutral family law mediator can help you to mediate many complex issues such as child custody and property division.


Unbundled Legal Services

Control the litigation cost. All the Unbundled ( limited Scope) legal services are on flat fee. Get Started FREE to know more.

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Child Custody

Our Family Law Attorneys can make sure you are part of your kid's life. Get Started FREE to know more.


Domestic Violence Restraining Order

Contact us immediately if you have are the victim or served with the Restraining Order

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Immigration Fraud Marriages

don't be a victim of Immigration Fraud Marriages AKA Sham Marriages. We can help to get the sham marriage Annulled.


Very Fast Results

You are our Priority.

Child Custody ? Domestic Violence ? Don't waste time, talk to use immediately.


Payment Plan

We offer flexible payment plan options for our clients.

We don't even run your credit for that.


Flat Fee or Low Retainer

In most of the cases we can offer a flat fee so that you can control the litigation cost.

The retainer we have is the one of the lowest in the business.

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