How to Get Divorce in California

A divorce case may have a long-lasting lasting effect on both spouse’s life. It involves Immigration laws, Property Rights, Child Custody Rights, Spousal Support Right, and Property Discovery.

In few cases, the Identification of the nature of property and custody of kids is essential. We practice family law assisting clients in what can be the most strenuous time of their lives.

We assist clients in matters involving divorce, custody and visitation rights, child and spousal support, division of property, pre and postnuptial agreements, restraining orders or domestic violence, guardianship, adoptions, and more.

We also assist clients with their post-divorce estate planning, including creating wills, trusts, health care directives, power of attorney and business succession planning.

Grounds for Divorce

There are mainly two grounds for divorce in California :

First: No-Fault Divorce

It is called divorce based on Irreconcilable differences.

You don’t have to prove anything to get the divorce. It is the most common ground for Divorce in California.

Second: Permanent legal incapacity to make a decision ( Incurable insanity)

The other ground for divorce in California is permanent legal incapacity to make a decision.

It is a scarce ground for divorce, and almost nobody uses this. You need Medical proof that your spouse was insane when the petition was filed-and remains incurably insane to use this ground.

Who Can File Divorce in California?

To file a divorce in California, you or your spouse must have lived in: California for the last six months, and Any of the California county for the last three months. 

Where to File Divorce in California?

The divorce comes under state laws, so the local superior court would have the jurisdiction (ability to decide).

You can file the divorce in any county in California where you or your spouse is living for the last three months.

How to File Divorce in California?

We can help you to dissolve your marriage in California. We can help you with the mutual uncontested or contested divorce. Though majority of our cases are in Northern California, we have/had cases all over California. 

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