It is the right time to become a US Citizen. Here are the reasons.

1.It is a status symbol – You can show off.

2.You will get better treatment Because of your Nationality in other countries.

3.It will improve your Port of Entry Experience.

4.Peace of Mind – It will make sure that you will get back into the USA

5.Passport Power – You can Travel 157 countries visa-free with US Passport

6.It will close your Immigration file – You won’t be alien anymore

7.You can vote

What do we need to get this done?

We need the following information and documents for the Preparation Naturalization Petition.

1.Immigration Intake Form ( We will email that to you )

2.Copy of Green Card ( Front and Back)

3.Copy of Passport all pages with the travel stamp in last five years

4.Two Identical Passport size Photographs

5.Copy of Arrest Record (if any)

6.Traffic Ticket Payment Record if more than $500

7.Copy of present address proof

8.Copy of Birth Certificate if you have ( Optional)

9.Required Fee and Cost

Call us if you still have questions or doubts about the Naturalization, e.g. the effect of Naturalization on your Indian Nationality, Dual Nationality, OCI or any other question concerning Naturalization.

How Long it Takes to Become a US Citizen?

Generally, it takes about 6-8 months from the date of the petition. It may take more time depending on the busyness of USCIS.

How to Start the Process?

It is effortless to start. Just fill the form below and submit your details. You can also email us if you need to send any document. Once you submit the request, we will contact you with the Cost Estimate. Or just give us a call at (510) 600-3083.

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